#SethUncovered – Interview with Drew Leighty

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Dear Luxens,

Although technically I have sworn alliance with Daemon Black, and have also made some room in my heart for Archer, I’m not one to turn away from one of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s main men, and in this case my focus is on the gods…actually, a super handsome sometimes duchy and mostly misunderstood Apollyon.
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Over memorial weekend we collected your questions and then came up with a few on our own for our #SethUncovered interview with the cover model of the Titan Series, Drew Leighty. I would say that technically we should hashtag #DrewUncovered, but since Drew is actually how I would imagine Seth to be, either works for me.

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Thank you Jennifer, Sethie is one of my favs. Here is why Drew should be your #ManCrushMonday AND #TastyTuesday …

Luxen Army: Let’s get right down to business, what is a secret obsession of yours?

Drew Leighty: Two things I love equally: boxing and barbecue bacon cheeseburgers

LA: How do you most relate to Seth, and how do you least relate to Seth (other than the whole Apollyon thing)

DL: Well other than us BOTH being Apollyons, I think we relate most in our self-
absorbed personas (proudly), and we relate least in our ways of working with a team. I grew up playing team sports finishing with baseball at Cal State Los Angeles, so I’m great working with a unit as well as controlling the spotlight solo. 😉

LA: Haha! In an interview two years back, you mentioned you were a student. What are you /were you studying?

DL: I’m currently pursuing a business economics degree as well as studying acting (commercial, film and theatre) through different schools in Los Angeles.

LA: The Covenant series was optioned for television, I bet fans would LOVE to see you portray Seth in film as well (points to self)! What were you like in high school?

DL: High school I was your common Jock. I was a three sport athlete, and I loved the social society that came with it. However, I also had a geeky tech side, graduating from a multimedia arts program at the local community college by my senior year of high school. I volunteered at a baseball program over my sophomore and junior years of summer. While working at the same restaurant at the local surf spot from age 14- as a dishwasher and moved to bar back by the time I was 18. Out of all my years of life so far, my high school years were my true glory days. I use to exit the locker room before every practice or game, and yell across the field or pool deck, “Today’s a great day for GLORY!” So I was also your stereotypical meathead.

LA: Three sports – baseball for sure because you volunteered..football, and water polo?? You share Seth’s personality and he doesn’t like to wear shirts, water polo makes sense to me…and also you mentioned a pool deck. We’re all book nerds here, what is your favorite book?

DL: I grew up nicknamed (and still am from a select few), Lenny, which came from my favorite book, “Of Mice and Men.” Constantly breaking things from either being too rough or too clueless.

LA: What is one thing you want to be remembered for?

DL: Our world today is missing love and compassion, so that’s what I would like to show every fellow human.

LA: Every fellow human… would that exempt Daemon Black? – haha! Who is your fictional crush?

DL: Josie.

LA: Awe! I can hear fangirls everywhere squee! Father’s day is coming up, who is your favorite fictional father and why?

DL: Well it’s definitely not Apollo. Seriously though, I think my favorite fictional father who I use as a role model being a father myself, is Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” He raises his children to respect others and avoid the spreading racism of the time, which is not only honorable but brave as well.

LA: You’re right, I think it is safe to say Apollo and Darth Vader won’t be winning father of the year any time soon. If you were stranded on a desert Island, what three items would be with you and why?

DL: If there were waves I would need my surfboard and a hammock. I could make things like fire, shelter, and a spear, so the only thing missing would not be an item but more so my girl…. But if that’s not possible then maybe a dog; which is still not an item. So maybe a mirror as a reflector to signal help, or a rope for climbing.

LA: Awe! I don’t know the rules of the Island game, but I say you can totally bring your girl. What superpower do you wish you had and why?

DL: I wish I had the power of the Godkiller. I don’t want to give away any spoiler alerts so I’ll leave it at that. Read “The Power,” to understand why.

LA: Oh trust me, I’m on it – keep an eye out for mine and Erin’s reviews on The Return, and The Power! In an interview, what have you always wanted to be asked? How would you answer that question?

DL: You guys are tricky with these questions. Hmmm…. This is a really tough question, but I guess being an animal lover, I’ve always wondered and wanted to be asked what is my spirit animal? I love dogs, but if I was an animal I would want to be a wild dog, more so a wolf. However, my last dog looked almost identical to a black baby jaguar, which is awesome because I love climbing trees. Then again flying so high would give me a whole new perspective on life, so a bald eagle in that case. Still I share a deep love with the ocean and have the personality of a dolphin so that’s another option. Finally to have the size and the brain of an elephant is also a tough option to look past. So can we settle here and come up with a hybrid option?

LA: I would love to see some fan art of this wild dog, wolf, baby jaguar, eagle, dolphin, elephant hybrid! Okay, time for some of this or that! Sweet or salty?

DL: Neither. Meaty?

LA: Day or night?

DL: Day. I love the nights but I need my sleep, and if I sleep in too late I get upset with myself for wasting the day.

LA: Dessert before or after dinner?

DL: What about two burgers and just call it even?

LA: Batman or Superman?

DL: Batman because realistically Bruce Wayne would kick Clark Kent’s ass back to his planet.

LA: Haha! I’m sensing some more animosity towards Daemon Black! Although, I’m a Batman girl myself, my husband wore a batman shirt under his tux for our wedding! Thank you so so much for interviewing with us Daemon Black girls here at the Luxen Army – It’s safe to say Seth has warmed his way into our hearts! I hope we can meet again sometime!

I hope you had as much fun reading this interview as I had typing it up! Want more Drew? – That’s what social media is for …


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